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10 of The Best Out of Office Emails to Ever Exist

By: Admin On: 5:44:00 AM
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  • You know the feeling. Youve written a handover, tidied your desk, and used the office printer to print out your boarding pass. Now all thats left is to set your out of office and then that glorious holiday is all yours

    But what do you write on that bad boy? Take your inspo from these lol-worthy examples.1. This person who you hope to never have to work with, ever

     This really un-funny personAD_141299232.jpg

     This person wholl make you say FFS out loudAD_141299203.jpg

     This person who probably thinks theyre the office clown.


     This person who has their fingers crossed that youre not a magician


    This very confusing soul


     This person who needs anger management classes


     This person who doesnt know how to be funny


     This person who is strangely pleasing


     This person who is essentially the Voldermort of the muggle world