20 Surprisingly Heartwarming Moments Of Violence

1. When this little warrior gave the kiss of death

2. When these two chose to break it down instead of breaking bones

3. When this kitten got kickin'

4. When this battle was a fight to the finish

5. When this instructor taught his student to NEVER let his guard down

6. When these masters showed us what a real kick looks like

7. When these worried dogs broke up a cat fight

8. When this kitty wanted to learn from the pros

9. When these ladies put their fightin' faces on

10. When this guy showed his primitive side

11. When this boxing match reached a whole new level of intensity

12. When this champ did an awesome victory dance

13. When this judo master got owned

14. When this baby came out of the womb fighting

15. When this hockey fight took a turn for the friendly

16. When this little kid got creative

17. When this critter was poised to kick some serious butt

18. When these chickens broke up a bunny battle

19. When these rats decided that it just wasn't worth it

20. And when these two reminded us that when a fight is over, it's over