33 Photos Of People Taken Seconds Before They Die. #10 Is From My Nightmares

Sometimes people do things that are so INCREDIBLY STUPID you just can’t believe they’re real… but they are. They really, really are

Who’s up for grilling


No one. No one is up for grilling because they’re all burn victims by now

This is what porches are for

Are you too good for dogs and cats, guy

Honestly you’re almost rooting for them to get trampled after this

BRB just gonna take a quick nap

This just HURTS to even LOOK at

What was the end game here

Really hope this funny little photo was worth what inevitably came next

“Yeah no dude I’ve totally got you


Ghost ridin’ the whip

Yeah pointing that towards the foliage seems like the right move

United you stand… but sometimes, united you fall, as well


Bruce Wayne is about to face his fiercest opponent yet

No harness? Noooo problem

It seems like this can’t possibly be the only way to do this

The strange thing is… they clearly OWN a bigger ladder, pictured on the left

Got to love the irony!

Never played on a teeter-totter as a kid

Now is probably not the time to try the concept out for the first time

Again with the short ladders… loosen up the purse strings, people

Although this one… almost brilliant

But still mostly outrageously dumb

Certainly a creative way to destroy a car

At least he looks happy

…but HOW

You know what really adds to an already dangerous stunt? A campfire

On the bright side of this outrageous situation, she is absolutely killin’ that look


Did she never see Zoolander

For the win

Oh, they were caught? What a mind-blowing shock

Hard to even digest exactly what’s going on here

It seems impossible that anyone could have thought this was a good idea

So that’s TWO points now for irony

Really, guy? Is that where you’re supposed to go on that machine