Top 10 Reasons That It’s Better to Burn Out Than to Fade Away

Sure, you spend all that time feeding, petting, walking, playing with and generally caring for your pets. But did you ever stop to think how much easier they're making your life?
Pets are so useful to have around the house. Here's why

They make great can openers
My fiancée wants a bird...
Or jar openers -- they don't discriminate.

And they're far superior to electric blankets.

Who needs an alarm clock, anyway?

These are your automatic blinds.
My cat decided to open the blinds !
A pet will help you fluff your pillows, kind of.

They're also great for cleaning up!

Although "vacuum" settings might vary.

Doorstep delivery is complimentary.

And don't worry about shredding your junk mail -- that's taken care of. Regular mail too!

So is feeding your other pets.

Cooking something? You might live with a furry food processor...
Lettuce cook some bacon instead
Or an improved heat lamp.

Your pet also doubles as a dishwasher.

A very eager dishwasher.