19 Things That Actually Exist

Take a look at these crazy inventions. Some of these are so ridiculous that I have no idea how they were released to the public


The Graduation Cap Flask:
A Zip-Up Tie for the Stylish, But Lazy

A DJ Kit for Cats
A Wind-Up Chair That Charges Your Phone:
The Hands-Free Umbrella
The Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich
A Hamster Dunce Cap
The Flying F*k:
This Pillow Wig
Meat-Flavored Ice Cream for Dogs
A Children’s Book Written by Dennis Rodman
The Literal Tramp Stamp
A Frozen Aquarium
These Terrifying Baby Masks
A Crab With a 9-Foot Claw Span
A Caterpillar That Looks Like a Wig
Sushi Costumes for Cats
“The Beerd” Beard Cozies
A Disc Drive That Avoids Liquids