Hilarious Fall Fails

#1 The Over Workout

So we'll assume this guy was trying to be a treadmill superhero by jumping on at full speed. Hasn't he seen America's Home Videos? This kind of thing never works out for the doer, but is pretty hilarious for the watcher

The guy at the computer is pretty brave to be sitting there passively. He's lucky he didn't get sucked into stunt done wrong. Kids, let this be a lesson that as fun as it may seem, treadmills are not a toy. They are for exercising your muscles, not making a hilarious attempt showing off. If you must do this, wear a helmet and make sure the camera is turned on
#15 Panda Scares the Daylights Out of Passerby
Walking down the street, most of us are in our own world, thinking about where we're going or what's for lunch. Then, boom! Person in a Giant Panda Costume reaches out and naturally, person falls on her face
Really, unless you live in an Asian amusement park, you really would not be looking out for this kind of thing. Poor girl got the fright of her life. She'll be having black and white nightmares for weeks to come. Hopefully Panda man learned his lesson that it's not polite to scare strangers on the street. Let's also hope that whatever she had in that bag wasn't breakable. Ouch