Hilarious Photobombs

#1 Life's A Beach
Talk about extremes! The lovely girl in the front of this picture has no idea what dwerp face in the back is up to. And what's up with her bikini? Did a rogue wave set it askew

There's so much to comment on we're almost at a loss for words. A nice day at the beach has become internet fodder. We'd love to see the girl in front's reaction to this pic. Can you say scene stealer

#15 !I Do
I guess the woman behind this couple wasn't expecting to walk into such an intimate moment during her Disney tour. Judging by the look on her face, she's pretty surprised. And how great/ random is it that she's  wearing a tiara

Too bad this couple's moment was foiled by background hilarity. At least they'll have a good chuckle over it. Is it weird that the background stranger seems more excited than the woman being proposed to? Hopefully she said yes. Oh the magic of Disney