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These 15 Tourist Stops Are Absolutely Not Worth It Because of How Dangerous They Are

By: Admin On: 1:09:00 PM
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  •   Sky Diving - The Palm of Dubai

      Takabisha Roller Coaster - Japan

    This insane roller coaster drops at a 121 degree angle

      Running with the Bulls - Pamplona, Spain

      The Cage of Death - Australia

    Visitors can get up close and personal with the world's biggest saltwater crocodiles, with only 2 inches of glass between them

      Mountain Biking - Yungas Road, Bolivia

    Yungas is known as one of the most dangerous roads in the entire world

      Diving with Great White Sharks - South Africa

      Devil's Pool - Zambia

      Zorb Rotorua - Rotorua, New Zealand

    Roll down a hill in a plastic orb for the ultimate rush

     Dinner in the Sky - London

      Gravity Flying Fox - New Zealand

      Stratosphere X-Scream Roller Coaster - Las Vegas, Nevada.

    This monster coaster peaks at 866 feet

      Ice Swimming - Finland

    Devil's Eye Cave - Florida

      Wing Walking - United Kingdom

      Grand Canyon Skywalk - Mohave County, Arizona