Celebrities Meet Their Childhood Selves !

In anticipation of this years Oscar award ceremony, People.com created an entertaining series of edited images in which prominent Hollywood A-listers seem to be posing with their past selves

The series was made to drum up excitement for the approaching award ceremony, but it was based off of similar images that had been drifting around online for quite a while. Checking out our childhood photos and comparing each other is something we all love to do, so it’s no surprise that these images have been a hit some of the age differences are pretty big

Leonardo DiCaprio – 2013 and 1989

Tom Hanks – 2014 and 1980

Sandra Bullock – 2014 and 1993

Meryl Streep – 1980 and 2013

Matthew McConaughey – 2014 and 1996

Julia Roberts – 2013 and 1989

Jennifer Lawrence – 2014 and 2007

Jared Leto – 2014 and 1994

Christian Bale – 2013 and 1987

Amy Adams – 2014 and 1999