Actress prevented from acting for a year ... because it is very sexy!

Cambodia's 24-year-old actress Denny Kwan has been banned from acting for a full year because the country's Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts has considered it very exciting, which could cause moral problems for Cambodian society.

In details, the ministry considered the young woman violated public rules of conduct in the country.The young woman is followed by more than 300,000 people through Facebook.In a related context, Kwan considered that the representative roles considered as exciting by the Ministry of Culture are not parallel to the works of art and pornography offered by other actresses

Cambodian actress Denny Kwan (pictured) has been banned from making any new movies for a year because the country's cultural bosses say she is 'too sexy'
Denny Kwan (pictured), 24, who has appeared in numerous movies, has had a 're-education' session with the Culture and Fine Arts Ministry after it was decided she had violated a code of conduct
For the next 12 months, Miss Kwan must not step in front of any movie camera - a punishment that has caused outrage among freedom and women's groups in the country