Inventions that only the lazy at heart will appreciate

TV Remote and Bottle Opener

Now you can crack open a beer and control up to nine devices without ever leaving the couch.

Via twentytwowords
Now you can gain some more pounds with no problems...

Teapot Pourer

Never worry about dispensing hot liquid into a cup again.
Electric Spin the Bottle Game

Now hormonal teens can save all of their energy they'd use 'bottle spinning' and disperse it in other ways.
Sock Sandals

If you're too lazy to make people hate you AND put on shoes at the same time, sock sandals will help you cover your bases.
Snowball Maker

If balling up snow gets a little too complicated, give one of these contraptions a go.
Self-Stirring Coffee Mug

Because who has the time and energy to stir their own.

The Popinator

Say hello to the “Popinator” — the world’s first fully-automated, voice-activated popcorn shooter triggered by the word “pop.”

Picking up your dog's deposits isn't exactly pleasant. Save yourself 5 inches of exertion and just attach one of these to your dog's backend.
Inflatable Pillow Tie

The ad reads as follows: 

“This astonishing technological breakthrough is by far the most innovative advancement in history. What appears to be a very high quality, normal, silk tie is actually a very high quality, Pillow-Tie. All you need to do is pop out a small valve on the backside of the tie, blow, and voila! Your Pillow awaits.”