The Giant child OMG

An Indonesian child underwent surgery to reduce his stomach after suffering from excess weight.In detail, the weight of the 10-year-old boy, Ira, touched 190 kg after following a diet based on consumption of soft drinks and noodles.The mother, Rokaya, 36, and father Ady Sumantri, 45, revealed that their son had daily 5 meals of rice, pasta and meat, but he was always complaining about hunger.It is noticeable that the traumatized doctors tried to make the boy Ira follow a healthy diet, but not losing weight quickly enough to make them decide to undergo surgery to reduce the size of the stomach, the weight of the boy was difficult to move and move, School was an impossible task for him.

The mother said her son had so far lost 20 kilos after undergoing surgery and said he was still overweight.