This man brutally beat his own dog in the street. But look at the bad surprise that awaits him

Recently, a shocking video has provoked the anger of many Internet users. There is actually a man beating his dog violently in a corner. Without realizing that he was being filmed, this man started by beating him in the head ...

While the poor beast was completely terrorized, his master continued to brutalize him! He even took her in his arms and then threw him violently on the floor!
Here's the video. But be careful, the images can hurt your sensitivity:

The 2.5 million Internet users who saw the video on social networks immediately denounced this man for his cruelty. Tired of anger, they demanded justice for this animal that did not even know why his master maltreated him!

Finally, it was the guilty party who presented himself at the police station. John Haywood, the police chief, said he is currently in police custody and has been removed from custody of his two dogs.

Now we can make sure that he does not have the opportunity to hurt them anymore, because they are currently in a shelter where they are taken care of by people who actually love animals.