18 Dad Wins And Fail GIFs

1 - GIF of dad putting his kid in a toy car on a ramp that crashes.

2 - Dad GIF of a moped rider that gets crushed by car but he grabs the kid and jumps off so no body is hurt

3 - Fail GIF of dad trying to add another kid to the spinning game and he goes flying

4 - Dad catches flying kid while holding another kid.

5 - Many holds toddler in one hand and catches a fly ball with the other at a baseball game.

6 - Man at a baseball game behind the YaHOO sign catches a fly ball while holding a baby.

7 - Kids almost throws back a fly ball but dad stops him at the last minute.

8 - Dog tries attacks TV and almost knocks it down but dad jumps up and saves it.

9 - Man chases after a run away baby car down a hill, stops it right before crashing into some swings.

10 - Dad blocks remote control car from smacking into his daughter's face.

11 - Dad catches a cake that slid of in whole right off the plate, saving the day.

12 - Dad shows off some awesome moves at a concert.

13 - Very large muscular man trying to take a pic of baby and drops the phone on him.

14 - Man catches one kid, is not ready to catch the next one who jumps anyway and face plants in a tree.

15 - Man almost catches a fly ball but forgets his son in a cart that starts to roll away and he runs after it and catches him.

16 - Dad catches flying skateboard at a half pipe event right before it smashes into some kid's face.

17 - Dad fails and accidentally pushes kids face into cake.

18 - Dad catches daughter right before she crashes into the car.