15 Creepy Photos That Will Make You Say "No Thanks, Nature!"

1 - Fungus that looks like alien coming out of the ground.

2 - furry looking creature with mouth that will bite you

3 - Fox that fell into water and drowned and then dug out in a block of ice to show the dangers to people that the ice is thin.

4 - some kind of bug crawling out of a snake

5 - Overbite fish with bulging eyes. The Rodney Dangerfield of fish.

6 - Crab that made a home out of a dolls head

7 - snakes or various colors that look like intestines

8 - Lava pit that looks like it is sucking the lost souls into the depth of hell.

9 - Wasp nest that was built over a doll

10 - Creepy centipede protecting her young.

11 - Creepy spider on a bat's eyes.

12 - GIF of venus fly trap eating a slug

13 - Owl nest with unhatched eggs made out of dead lemmings

14 - Snake head that is still crawling around after being chopped off.

15 - Electrical outlet that is dripping with honey and ants.