When real life throws you a curveball.

1 - Pickup truck stuck in the mud pretty badly
2 - Sink that fell in and is now a huge mess

3 - woman tripping over the dog

4 - Massive fire engulfing the whole ceiling

5 - Airplanes that collided on the ground.

7 - Cheetah curiously checking out a hedgehog

8 - Giraffe with girls arm in mouth

9 - Lamborghini that was in an accident with a tractor

10 - Man with woman's shoe stuck in his head

11 - Queen of England taking selfie wearing t-shirt and some furry outfit

12 - Large airship that collided with the ground.

13 - man with half a boat with the words SHE GOT HALF written on it.

14 - Snapchat of soup ladle for birthday gift and a printout of the DM in which sister said anything is fine for her birthday

15 - lone soldier hunkered down behind shield with large mob approaching .

16 - Bull that is jumping into the crowd

18 - Old steam locomotive and train that exited a building and spilled onto the street

19 - Airplane landing out of control with people in the foreground running for cover

20 - Man about to get hit in the face with a sledge hammer his friend threw

21 - Truck doing a airborne wheelie after hitting a sign overhead

22 - Massive car pileup

26 - Driveway that doesn't drive all the way there

27 - Girl swinging a bat and about to be hit in the face with the ball

28 - Couple running from truck that is about to splash them with puddle water.